What to Expect

Your first appointment starts with an initial consultation where we will discuss how you are feeling, any problems you may have and your medical history.

Massage is safe for most people, however for some medical conditions I may ask you to consult your GP to ensure that massage is suitable. If you have any medical conditions please let me know when booking your first appointment.

Your massage will be tailored to you and your requirements, using a range of techniques to suit. I will talk this through with you prior to treatment and once you are happy and your questions answered, I will leave you to prepare.

You will undress to your underwear and lie on the massage table with a towel over you. You will be covered throughout your treatment and only the areas I am working on at that time will be exposed. This is to keep you warm and protect your modesty.

I do encourage all my clients to work with me, tell me how you are feeling and if at any time you feel discomfort, after all this is your massage and you should enjoy it.

Following treatment I will leave you to dress in private.

After the treatment, if appropriate, I suggest stretching exercises and home care advice to help you get the most from your massage.

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