What is Equine Sports Massage?

MassageĀ is the manipulation of muscles to enhance the function and promote relaxation along with the overall well-being, using professional sports massage techniques applied to the horse.

A thorough understanding of anatomy and the interaction between bone, joints and muscle is essential. A masseur treats the whole horse, mind, body and spirit, not just muscles.

Your horse is amazing and we ask so much from our equine friend, from the competition to the pleasure horse, all equines will benefit from sports massage and this should be part of any routine care programme.

About muscles

60% of the horse's body weight is muscle. Minor muscle injury can take up to 3 months to become apparent, by which time it may have caused a more serious injury as your horse will compensate for the original minor injury.

Prompt attention, by regular sports massage treatment, to these minor muscle injuries not only enhances a horse's performance but may prevent a secondary problem in the future.


Massage is not just for the competing equine, regular treatment to any horse can help reduce the risk of injury and keep your horse in prime condition. It can benefit horses

all horses can benefit from

Why you may consider Sports Massage for your horse?

Here are a few areas or traits where sports massage can help your horse

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